What are SMM panel subscription ?

What are SMM panel subscription ?

You've probably already heard a whole lot about subscription services and subscription business models since those are extremely popular. This concept can indeed be applied to pretty much anything — and yes, even SMM panel services. People use SMM panel subscriptions quite a lot but what are they exactly? Read this post to learn more about subscriptions and the reasons why they are so useful.

What exactly are subscriptions on SMM panels?

A regular subscription service is a business offering to sell products or services on schedule. Subscriptions on SMM panels are kind of the same thing. Instead of placing the same order over and over again for every new post they need, panel users have the option to place one order that is going to work continuously without unnecessary interventions for as long as they want.

Subscriptions are automatic services — Auto Likes, Auto Comments, Auto Views, etc — for such social platforms as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook (more may be added to this list in the future) that panel users can order for a certain number of posts and a certain amount of time. SMM panel subscriptions can even be indefinite, which means that users won't have to be worried about expiry dates.

Subscriptions exist to help people imitate organic engagement on their social media accounts. Creating an illusion like that is much easier when with each post it's possible to automatically get a certain number of likes, comments, views, etc.

How do SMM panel subscriptions work?

Whenever there's a new post on the account that a panel user provided the link/username for, our system automatically finds it and sends an order for the next batch of whatever items were ordered (likes, comments, views, etc) to a provider.

Moreover, when a user orders a new subscription and it's still waiting to be processed but there already is a new post on the chosen account, our system will count it too as soon as that subscription becomes active.